Hi BroadcastMates,

Our Full Spectrum Alternative has turned in the direction of a Soft Adult Contemporary “Pop 40” Hit Radio with a plus…

We now highlight popular artists Soft Contemporary Pop Hits but do not stop there.  Added in our new mix we have some very complimentary pro name soft piano music and semi-pro Jazz and RB tracks too.  For the most part however our playlist is filled with very memorable “POP 40” from over the later decades of the 20th century.  Now this is not to say we will ever play newer artists and current pop hits either…but give us time to develop a list of selections that “fit in” with a family friendly and Easy Listening Soft AC format.  This “new” mix will be great for listening at the office, work or at home.  Its very Smooth and Soft and non obtrusive!

We have also tested many technical aspects of our audio only radio channels and believe you will benefit from our efforts to provide the “best” online music radio experience bar none!

As with anything in the creative music radio field we always are tweaking to make a good experience even better.

Peter Morrow DJ/Host


Hi Broadcast Mates,

Here in the last few days we have performed some technical updates this week in audio and video quality on three of our stations that you can definitely notice if your interested.

On the Radio side of things…Broadcastmate Full Spectrum Alternative now has more bandwidth and very improved audio processing.  Results are better stereo separation and slightly more and very clean low bass.  I do not process very much so all my radio stations sound clean and very open audio wise!  Over my career in radio I have spent weeks and weeks of time tweaking audio processors to be the best in the market.  I hope to continue my tradition here on internet online radio!

On the Music Video side you will find added HD video channels on both HD Earths Scenic Melodies Radio and HD Broadcastmate Scenic Music Radio!  As the main home channel is designed for lower bandwidth and portable operation…you can still enjoy these scenic music radio shows full screen and wide bandwidth where available.

That’s all for now!

Pete Morow/DJ




Hi Broadcast-Mate Radio Blogger,

This post is about BroadcastMate Classic Hits Radio’s addition of more oldies music in our Oldies Evenings program.   Back in the ninties I had the pleasure of working with and for the west coast Radio DJ legend Art Laboe!   But the story begins much earlier when I was doing my first gig in New York on Long Island.  It seems like there and just about every other station I jocked at had the black…”OLDIES BUT GOODIES” LPs he put together from L.A.  It was a great composition of mostly 50’s and some 60’s “Classic Hits” of Rock N Roll.  Well back in the late ninties when I was working with him at his Arizona radio stations he came out with a set version of these on CD!

I am glad to announce that I have obtained some of these “OLDIES” tracks from Art’s collection.  And I have to tell you that the audio quality on these Original Sound Record Co. CD’s is about the best I ever came across for play on Broadcastmate.  So henceforth expect to hear in the Oldies Evenings some of those spectacular tracks!  They will be added to our playlist little by little through the end of the year.  So tune in to some great tunes!

So remember every evening TFN starting at 8PM Eastern and 5PM L.A. time you will hear some these dynamite tracks played in our Oldies Evenings here at Broadcastmate’s Classic Hits Radio the station for musical memories you thought you forgot!

Enjoy & Share!


Pete Morrow/DJ






Just a quick note about two of our Scenic Music Radio websites with real time streaming playback improvements.

On two of our most visited and listened to scenic music radio stations we have upped the playback robustness in the following ways!

  1. Videos now play in one continuous real time stream without stopping between video, promos and commercials! (Up To About 60 minutes)
  2. Now get this, now on my (your) Android Smartphone it plays the same way…no need to press play for each video show. Commericals and breaks also play automatically!  So smooth mobile playback…listen for up to about an hour at a time without pressing a “play” button.
  3. Our bandwidth has been adjusted for maximum effective bandwidth for fast loading and playing and view ability!


Happy Listening!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host



I have an update for you all if you have not noticed already!  Do you like ALTERNATIVE EASY LISTENING music? Well here is the deal of the week!  Yours truly has just took Humpty Dumpty apart and put him back together this week.  Where? Right Here on our rebuilt BroadcastMate Full Spectrum Alternative Radio!  So our new Full Spectrum Radio Takes Off!

BroadcastMate Full Spectrum Alternative is a great Indie Alternative Easy Listening Mix! You will hear Modern Orchestral Pop, Dreamy Piano, Modern Cool Jazz and RB, Worldscapes, Reflective, Ambient and some Techno tracks!  Really worth a listen for a diverse sound and instrumental mood inspiring music selections. It’s always moving and makes for a great companion for listening at work daytimes or relaxing or reading a good book evenings at home etc!  We will be adding more and more music tracks here that you would likely never hear anywhere else…but that’s “good music.”   It is a modern day Easy Listening Radio station period!  The music mix is very unique!

We have so many listeners that we currently have two international radio servers to make this Full Spectrum Radio available almost anywhere and on just about every device out there.

Enjoy It! Share It! Love it!

DJ Pete Morrow

Broadcastmate Full Spectrum Alternative Easy Listening Music Radio!


Just a quick note about our .video site move! has been moved to!  You will automatically be forwarded when clicking on any old links you might have set up over the last few years or links on search engines and or directories.

Advantages will be a more compact site now with links directly to all channel websites domains.  It will also allow BroadcastMate LLC to have everything on one home site. This includes video and radio streams, production services offered, and ad sales for advertising on our Broadcastmate properties.

My apologies for any inconveniences this might cause.

Let BroadcastMate Radio brighten your day today!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host


Happy Weekend,

About our Oldies Evenings!

Starting today we have upped our OLDIES EVENINGS rearranging mostly 50’s t0 70’s hits mixed with historic well known Top 40 groups hot hits.  Meanwhile more Classic Hits Radio Oldies music is on its way for evenings and overnights.  BroadcastMate selects only “HIP OLDIES” for our evenings and overnights.  We are NOT a Middle of the road station.  Everything we play is essentially “classic”!  Our Oldies Evenings start at 8PM Eastern and 5PM Pacific.  As the evening progresses to overnights we add more and more and older “classic oldies” and some really well known Top 40 played “crossover country hits” to make all nights more interesting. By 6AM Eastern we return to our daytime Classic Hits Contemporary Top 40 music hits!

Let BroadcastMate Radio brighten your day today!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host