HI Broadcast Mates,

On Broadcastmate Music Radio we have moved to make our evenings…8PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific essentially All Instrumental with 80% Jazz.  We call it our “Much More Jazz Music Evenings!”

Here we have a great mix of the well known jazz performers like Brubeck as well as Coltrane and Kenny G.  Also we have some great talent like Peter White and his guitar renditions of popular favorites.  And do not forget Mike Sullivan at the piano.  He has fantastic tunes and we will be adding to his collection shortly.  He is well known in Maine, Boston and New York City!  He performs some great Jazz too accompanied by vocals and you will hear some of that on Broadcastmate Music Radio!  Elsewhere I look forward to adding some local “Arizona” talent to these Jazz Music Evenings.  Really this is an 8 hour session every evening you should really like. It gives me and you a chance to enhance the broadcast experience for Jazz fans as well as expand our music horizons with what I’ll call Pseudo Jazz.

If your a recording artist (Indie or Pro) in the above genre’s—Jazz or contemporary Pseudo Jazz instrumental I would welcome hearing from you or you can send your Pro licensed demo CD’s to our PO Box at Broadcastmate, PO Box 93063, Phoenix, AZ 85070 and I will review them.  Or else just email yours truly  I really want to dedicate a separate post about Pro and Semi Pro music sometime in the near future.  Broadcastmate has 9 stations on the air 4 Radio and 5 Scenic Music Radio as of today.  So I have a lot of “music” styles I use across my little network.

Thanks for your support by just “listening” to our stations! And sharing Broadcastmate whenever you can!

Treats for your EARS!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host!


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