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Welcome to my Broadcastmate Online Radio Broadcasting Blog! I own and operate about 10 online radio and video broadcasting properties heard around the world. I have been in broadcasting full time as a DJ and Radio Engineer since I was 17 years old starting my career in suburban NYC Radio! Now I do it online for over 10 years.

My experience in the heydays of AM Music Radio and since allowed me to work with top names and great radio programmers over the years as a personality DJ! I have a lot of I mean a lot of intriguing experiences and stories about where I worked and my talent and love for music. I am an amateur composer music writer and play the piano!

Not to just talk about myself…I want to open this blog to you questions and comments as you might be surprised I was heard in your town at one time or another over a very long career! Basically I loved music since “my conception” and was playing records 45s and 78s a 2 years of age. So ask my questions about terrestrial and online broadcasting its a great world of “beautiful” music inso many genre’s these days!

Welcome and “Good Morning World” a quote from W.K. Henderson founder of one of the biggest radio stations in the world KWKH in Shreveprt and oh yes I worked there too!

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  1. TonyW. Lee

    Love your site. just curious but I was a DJ back when radio was in the 60″s to the 80’s,so you must know that I do not know a dang thing about starting an internet radio station but friends and family said I should try just a couple of hours a day. local stuff, sports and of course news and a lot of B.S. of which my wife says I have a lot of that. Just wondering would you mind telling me how I might get started
    or if I Should, I did almost everything at my station, News , Sports, Music director programing,etc.

    1. I was in RADIO since I was 17 years old in N.Y.C., a great place to learn in the 60s and 70s. I was a HAM radio operator then and learned radio engineering from there as I went from East Coast radio stations as a DJ. I was offered an ASST Chief Engineer position along with my large ALL NIGHT radio show doing TOP 40 from Maine to England. Those were the funnest days!

      So I have PC skills too, but not like my son. However I build most of my own websites as I buy “templates” with ready made features nowadays. I LOVE Radio 50 years worth and MUSIC, I play the Piano and accordian.

      There are courses you can take online for about $200 USD that will teach you how to succeed at any level.

      As for licensing LIVE 365 handles many stations where you can play anything you want thats licensed by the PRO’s and SX., and there are other services out there but nothing really good yet. When you get big you just buy “blanket music licenses”.

      Its a great hobby and business and will replace terrestrial radio soon!

      Thanks for the reply to my blog!

      Pete Morrow DJ / Presenter

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