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Hi All and thanks for visiting my site again on Online Music Radio!

I am asking for “music request what songs you might like to have added to “SOFT POP HITS RADIO” radio!

The format is composed of Softer Pop Favorites and Soft Top 40 hits. (Not at all classic rock-this is Top 40 and Pop Favorites without the Top 40 rock hits, that’s on another station we have)! The years of the songs should generally be 60s and 70s with a few exceptions.

I have gotten a request from Facebook friends, so I figured I would add this post. Add your two cents!

Otherwise…This post is averaging a couple of signs a day…Glad to have new users here! You should be able to comment to this Post as comments are open! So let all of us hear what your requests are!

Happy Listening!

Pete Morrow, Your Happy Day DJ

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