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Hi Mates,

Well we finally set up our new version of Broadcastmates’ MOR Radio! Its at BROADCASTMATE MOR RADIO!

The music is simple 50’s to 70’s Pop Favorites and Pop Standards! It is meant to be Easy Listening Vocal pop with medium to slow tempo songs. Oh yes I will be adding some of the more famous 50’s Pop in the next few weeks. So if you were born in the early 1970’s you should recognize most of what we play! The target audience on this station is 45+ M/F. Actually the over 65 age group has 77 million online folks just in the United States. So if you fit in this generation group you should relish this music mix that has disappeared from the terrestrial airwaves. I played all this music in small and major market AM radio stations during my on air radio career!

As with MOR Middle of the Road music radio formats we play a few incidental outside the Pop format songs and traditional pop instrumentals. That said its a very very easy to listen to online radio! It has the features of our flagship station Broadcastmate Music Radio such as abundant weather information links and other pertinent info links.

Finally, please feel free to comment and or request via comments for songs you would like to have played or any opinion to make our MOR more appealing to you!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host


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