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Hello Mates,

As we look to 2021 I hope to have some improved programming that should be more specific to your likes! Broadcastmate and myself hope to be maintaining four broadcasting streams across several websites. For Example…

Broadcastmate Music will continue with 60s’ to 80s’ Pop with 80-90% of the music being from the 70s’ (seventies) Original Top 40 pop charts! I believe the “heart and soul” of Original Top 40 music radio format and presentation was from around 1965 to about 1985 to 1990. So music that fits in with that feels good and fits the requirements of TOP 40 will be presented. A new website with many more “social features such as likely “chat”, “requests” and a new website theme for our demographics there will appear early in 2021. Yes I and Broadcastmate hope to take this station to the next level of modern internet radio!

Broadcastmate MOR will likewise continue with 50s to 70s’ Pop Favorites and Standards with the emphasis on the 60s’. Here too the format is oriented on the 1960s’ Pop Favorites and Pop Standards with overlap into the lat 1950s’ and early 1970’s. Again the feel of the music must be in line with the format so when you tune in to listen you know what you will hear!

Your Cool Fusion our Indie Alternative Easy Listening Instrumental station will continue with a ‘Easy Listening albeit techno oriented music format.

Broadcastmate Scenic Radio will continue to offer Scenic Music Videos with Soft Cinematic Music!

The formats on these stations will likewise probably be 24/7 eliminating the various “evening format changes”.

So Happy Listening see you there on BroadcastMate radio!

Pete Morrow DJ / Presenter

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