Hi Mates,

Hopefully the snow and winter weather is fading where you are…meantime BroadcastMate is ready for Spring time and more music radio!

First…On BroadcastMate MOR Music Radio…we have added a lot more Jazz days and evenings.  Also added are a few contemporary instrumental orchestral pop tracks to keep the mix fresh sounding.  Its a laid back pace and sound but with many memorable adult Pop hits.  It’s more about the quality of the songs then the time they were released.  Lot’s of 60s and 70’s and a few 50’s I just could not leave out as they were so big.  Nothing too dated however is on our modernized MOR playlist.  So now we have a modern MOR mix with contemporary artists from your lifetime.

Elsewhere on the Scenic Music Radio side of things…we expanded our video radio playlists!  Check that out our Soft Beautiful Music at http://scenicmusicradio.com and our Bright Easy Listening music at  http://earthsscenicmelodies.com.  These stations have in total about 100 hours of instrumental music!  You will not find these tracks in too many places and many edited by yours truly! It has taken Broadcastmate many years to build these collections for these scenic radio stations. Great for long term listening at your desk along with the scenery we offer too.

Don’t forget to stop by and visit our newer home site at BroadcastMate.com!

Happy Springtime listening!

Peter Morrow, your DJ/Host/Presenter


Just a quick note about our .video site move!

Broadcastmate.video has been moved to Broadcastmate.com!  You will automatically be forwarded when clicking on any old Broadcastmate.video links you might have set up over the last few years or links on search engines and or directories.

Advantages will be a more compact site now with links directly to all channel websites domains.  It will also allow BroadcastMate LLC to have everything on one home site. This includes video and radio streams, production services offered, and ad sales for advertising on our Broadcastmate properties.

My apologies for any inconveniences this might cause.

Let BroadcastMate Radio brighten your day today!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host