Happy Weekend,

About our Oldies Evenings!

Starting today we have upped our OLDIES EVENINGS rearranging mostly 50’s t0 70’s hits mixed with historic well known Top 40 groups hot hits.  Meanwhile more Classic Hits Radio Oldies music is on its way for evenings and overnights.  BroadcastMate selects only “HIP OLDIES” for our evenings and overnights.  We are NOT a Middle of the road station.  Everything we play is essentially “classic”!  Our Oldies Evenings start at 8PM Eastern and 5PM Pacific.  As the evening progresses to overnights we add more and more and older “classic oldies” and some really well known Top 40 played “crossover country hits” to make all nights more interesting. By 6AM Eastern we return to our daytime Classic Hits Contemporary Top 40 music hits!

Let BroadcastMate Radio brighten your day today!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host