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This post is about BroadcastMate Classic Hits Radio’s addition of more oldies music in our Oldies Evenings program.   Back in the ninties I had the pleasure of working with and for the west coast Radio DJ legend Art Laboe!   But the story begins much earlier when I was doing my first gig in New York on Long Island.  It seems like there and just about every other station I jocked at had the black…”OLDIES BUT GOODIES” LPs he put together from L.A.  It was a great composition of mostly 50’s and some 60’s “Classic Hits” of Rock N Roll.  Well back in the late ninties when I was working with him at his Arizona radio stations he came out with a set version of these on CD!

I am glad to announce that I have obtained some of these “OLDIES” tracks from Art’s collection.  And I have to tell you that the audio quality on these Original Sound Record Co. CD’s is about the best I ever came across for play on Broadcastmate.  So henceforth expect to hear in the Oldies Evenings some of those spectacular tracks!  They will be added to our playlist little by little through the end of the year.  So tune in to some great tunes!

So remember every evening TFN starting at 8PM Eastern and 5PM L.A. time you will hear some these dynamite tracks played in our Oldies Evenings here at Broadcastmate’s Classic Hits Radio the station for musical memories you thought you forgot!

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Pete Morrow/DJ




Happy Weekend,

About our Oldies Evenings!

Starting today we have upped our OLDIES EVENINGS rearranging mostly 50’s t0 70’s hits mixed with historic well known Top 40 groups hot hits.  Meanwhile more Classic Hits Radio Oldies music is on its way for evenings and overnights.  BroadcastMate selects only “HIP OLDIES” for our evenings and overnights.  We are NOT a Middle of the road station.  Everything we play is essentially “classic”!  Our Oldies Evenings start at 8PM Eastern and 5PM Pacific.  As the evening progresses to overnights we add more and more and older “classic oldies” and some really well known Top 40 played “crossover country hits” to make all nights more interesting. By 6AM Eastern we return to our daytime Classic Hits Contemporary Top 40 music hits!

Let BroadcastMate Radio brighten your day today!

Pete Morrow DJ/Host