Hi Broadcast Mates,

Here in the last few days we have performed some technical updates this week in audio and video quality on three of our stations that you can definitely notice if your interested.

On the Radio side of things…Broadcastmate Full Spectrum Alternative now has more bandwidth and very improved audio processing.  Results are better stereo separation and slightly more and very clean low bass.  I do not process very much so all my radio stations sound clean and very open audio wise!  Over my career in radio I have spent weeks and weeks of time tweaking audio processors to be the best in the market.  I hope to continue my tradition here on internet online radio!

On the Music Video side you will find added HD video channels on both HD Earths Scenic Melodies Radio and HD Broadcastmate Scenic Music Radio!  As the main home channel is designed for lower bandwidth and portable operation…you can still enjoy these scenic music radio shows full screen and wide bandwidth where available.

That’s all for now!

Pete Morow/DJ